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It all started with barquillos.

In 1982, driven by her love for making barquiron, barquillos, or crispy wafer rolls filled with polvoron, our principal owner, Sandria Rillo-Cadusale opened Sandria’s Delicious Concept. It’s been almost four decades since then, but Sandria’s passion for whipping up these sweet treats continues to make Sandria’s Delicious Concept one of the top makers of the finest delicacies and pasalubong in Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines.

While we have become famous for our Barquiron, we also take pride in our Barquillos. We skillfully make the crisp, rolled wafers by hand, using all-natural ingredients like flour, milk, butter, and peanuts. Light and sweet, these biscuits pair perfectly with coffee or tea but are also great for snacking on its own.

We then fill our Barquillos with polvoron, a crumbly treat similar to shortbread made of flour, milk, and sugar, to make our other flagship product, the Barquiron. Because of this polvoron center, each crunchy bite of our signature delicacy bursts with a unique, nutty sweetness that makes it a certified crowd-pleaser—and a winning pasalubong.

Our Barquillos and Barquiron aren’t just delectable sweets; we also make each pack generous enough and each biscuit hefty enough to tide you over ‘till your next meal. Hence, we call our delicacies “Gutom Savers;” they not only delight your taste buds but also make for a filling snack.

Sandria’s Delicious Concept is primarily managed by Sanria Rillo-Cadusale and a team of dedicated employees. We believe in treating all customers, associates, and staff with honesty, integrity, dignity, and respect; God is also at the center of our operations. We believe that this, plus fresh ingredients and our commitment to total customer satisfaction, is the secret to why our treats are well-loved. 

When you find yourself in Cebu, don’t forget to visit us at Ward 4, Minglanilla Cebu, and bring home Barquillos and Barquiron to share with your family and friends.We aim to bring our Barquiron and Barquillos to the rest of the Philippines—and the world, too. Feel free to contact us at 032-490-1434 (landline) or 0917-566-3331 (mobile) for any inquiries or questions. You may also email us at (address to our COO, Lemuel Abelgas)



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