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Franchising is a business relationship in which a business owner (franchisor) gives privilege to a franchisee to use their trademarked names and assets, sell their products, and employ their proven and perfected business model and processes. This relationship simultaneously allows for the rapid expansion of the franchisor’s business concept and brand without the need for huge capital infusion, while providing accessible business opportunities and invaluable new jobs at exponential rates.

To foster those intrinsic franchising benefits, the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) was founded. We at the PFA endeavor to promote franchising as a tool for economic progress through enterprise development and employment generation. We serve as facilitators for international franchises entering the Philippine market, as well as cultivators of homegrown brands to export abroad.

Our vision is to make the Philippines the franchise hub of Asia. One of our initiatives, Franchise Asia Philippines, the biggest franchise show in Asia, is geared towards this goal. It’s a comprehensive and enabling environment for businesses, both local and foreign, and the local investing market to meet, interact, and build strong business relationships.

PFA’s members include the Philippines’ most trusted and recognized brands–Jollibee, Shakey’s, Yellow Cab, and Potato Corner to name a few. These brands already have a strong international presence but we continue to help foster more homegrown, original Filipino business concepts that will ultimately compete in the international market.

We support local business growth by providing them a platform for them to find suitable partners/investors, provide the framework for transitioning to a franchise model, assist in its transition to the world market, and lend our expertise to the international markets, from local trends to legal concerns.

As a member of the World Franchise Council (WFC) and currently the Secretariat of the Asia Pacific Franchise Confederation (APFC), we’ve grown to become an internationally recognized institution and we’re proud to say that the Philippine franchising sector has become a significant contributor to the Philippine economy.

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