Pasciolco Agri Ventures

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Our business started with exportation of Philippine coconut products to Japan in 1993. Our owners, Maura and Lito, both born and raised in the province of Quezon, started their stint in coconut products with shipments of nata de coco to Japan under the company of their wedding godfather. When their godfather retired in 1996, the couple took over his company and renamed the company as Pasciolco Agri Ventures after their family name.

As a chemistry graduate, Maura decided to develop coconut vinegar as their pioneer product. The company started marketing its products in Manila and would join various local and international exhibits to market the coconut vinegar. The company’s vision is to produce organic coconut products that is widely known in the Philippines and throughout the world. By 2000, the company introduced coconut jam in the market under “Quezon’s Best” brand. The product line then expanded to virgin coconut oil, coconut aminos, coconut balsamic, coconut sugar, and coconut syrup. At present, coconut jam has different flavor variants namel with chocolate, seasalt and chili. Pasciolco Agri Ventures also manufacture plain and spicy coconut vinegar under the “Pinasarap” brand.

Aside from being certified as organic, our products are also Halal- and Kosher-certified. We currently export to the United States, Canada, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia.


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