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For an archipelago of more than 7100 islands, fishing is a way of life in the Philippines. We have over 1 million Filipinos who are in the marine fishing industry—a testament to the abundance of our marine resources and our thriving aquaculture sector. In this industry, tuna is one of our largest seafood export commodities.

Gerabuenas Trading is a manufacturer, distributor and exporter of fresh chilled yellowfin tuna. Our company is located in the island of Mindoro Occidental, in the town of Sablayan. Here, we are known as one of the pioneers in the tuna fishing business.

 he yellowfin tuna we catch are of the highest quality. Most of these are caught from the western waters of Mindoro, close to the famous Apo reef—the largest continuous coral reef in the Philippines and second in the world after the Great Barrier Reef. We guarantee that our tuna source is from the best marine ecosystems in the world. 

More importantly, we believe in the importance of product safety and quality. We closely monitor our operations and implement proper fish handling, processing, packaging and storage. For instance, our manufacturing facility is near the seashore and fish landing port, which allows us to process and store our tuna products faster and retain its fresh quality.

As part of our social responsibility, we promote responsible fishing on our island. We only use the hook-handline method to make sure that we protect other marine species and avoid accidentally catching them. We do this to set a good example for our fellow fishermen and to follow standards on sustainable fishing.

With Gerabuenas Trading’s experience and proven track record in fishing and supplying tuna to the local and international market, you can expect the best yellowfin tuna for your customers.



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