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We are from Fisherfarms, one of the Philippines’ largest aquaculture processors and pioneer-innovators for value-added seafood. We specialize in milkfish and vannamei shrimp products. We also have a farm for a wide range of species such as tilapia, rabbitfish, mangrove snapper, cobia, seabass and golden pomfret. We are part of a fully-integrated agricultural conglomerate with its own feed mills, hatcheries, grow-out facilities, and processing complex. 

FFI also owns and manages more than 1,000 off-shore sea cages for fish and 503 hectares of developed pond area for shrimp farming in various locations in the Philippines such as Pangasinan, Batangas, Bulacan, Camarines Norte, and Aurora.  

 The conglomerate operates some of the most technologically advanced processing facilities for fish and vannamei shrimp. Combining the country’s rich natural resources with the skills and expertise of Fisher Farms’ local talents harnessed through a long tradition of aquaculture, Fisher Farms has established itself as a significant and preferred supplier of seafood to the world.

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