Eau de Coco, Inc.

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We are Eau de Coco, your reliable supplier of fresh, high-quality young coconut water and tender coconut meat, from the heart of the coconut-rich region of Batangas, Philippines. As the leader in the production of young coconut water in the Philippines, we have the capability to address the growing international demand for the highest quality, nutritious and hydrating sweet coconut water.

While about 98% of coconut water suppliers in the world can process only mature coconuts, we can process both mature and young coconuts, maintaining purity, the highest level of nutritional value, and the famous sweet taste unique to Philippine coconuts.


For big sizes, we ship in bulk packs of 200L (drum) and 1,000L (box). For small sizes, we can also do OEM / private label for your Brand (at 1Liter Tetra pack).


As proof of our commitment to international quality control standards, we have been awarded the following certifications:



  • FSSC22000
  • Organic (NOP, US, EU, JAS)
  • Kosher
  • Halal



As a raw materials supplier we are able to produce:


  1. Frozen Coconut Water (Organic/Conventional)
  2. Aseptic Coconut Water (Organic/Conventional)
  3. Sparkling Flavored Coconut Water (in cans)
  4. Scooped, Shredded, Diced Tender Coconut Meat
  5. Coconut Smoothie
  6. Coconut Puree
  7. Coconut Water Powder

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