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We at Brandexport are one of the Philippines’ foremost grocery-exporter consolidators. We are a one-stop shop, export source of Philippine-branded, value-added food, and personal care products worldwide. We cater to both overseas Filipino workers and immigrants as well as the most reputable mainstream retailers and wholesalers.

We are also export management consultants to large, multinational companies like Dole, Century Pacific, Celebes, Monde MY San, and more; as well as micro, small, and medium enterprises, and companies exporting fruit-based ingredients, private label products, and hotel, restaurant, and catering items for the foodservice industry. We currently export to more than 43 international destinations. 

As the Philippines’ first certified exporter consolidator for Good Warehouse Practices, Hazard Analysis, and Critical Control Points, and the British Retail Consortium, we have a significant edge in securing elite higher margins direct to our retailer and choice importer clients.

Since our establishment in 1999, we have established strong relationships both with supplier and client sides. Our networking activities give us a distinct edge as exporters. We secure contract manufacturing agents for major brand players overseas for a wide variety of ambient, frozen, fresh, health, and specialty products.

Today, we serve diverse consumers through a mix of new, innovative products and services for mainstream markets, making our mark in more than 40 international markets worldwide. We are a leading trader and export consolidator in the Philippines catering to reputable retail chains, elite importers, and distributors worldwide.

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