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AG Pacific Nutriceuticals is a Filipino-owned corporation best known for its line up of organic and healthy coconut products that include beverages, sauces and condiments, and food supplements. Our company is a pioneer in coconut manufacturing in the Philippines with its many firsts: the first to use the fresh-centrifuged cold process to produce virgin coconut oil (VCO); the first in the country to acquire Fairtrade Coconut Certification; and the first company in Davao Region in Mindanao to secure Organic Coconut Certification under the United States, European Union, and Japan organics standards.

Our fresh-centrifuged process is developed to extract the true nature of fresh oils only. Our farms are carefully chosen to ensure they can produce 100% organic coconuts, and the oil we extract preserves the fresh aroma, flavor, texture, and nutrients from organic coconuts. We are also proud to say that our fresh-centrifuged VCO has four times the normal level of healthy antioxidants. Based on a recent oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) test, our VCO contains 4,377 umol TE/100g of antioxidants while the average virgin coconut oil only has 1,070 umol/100g of antioxidants.
Our company was established with a mission to build a profitable and sustainable social business enterprise that provides fair compensation to its farmers, to help bring out equitable and sustainable development in coconut farming communities, and to create value for money in enhancing the health of our clients through our products. From our factory site located in Davao Del Sur, Philippines, the company aims to become an international player in the coconut market through its healthy and organic selections that are developed using world-class technologies and facilities manned by our competitive and service-oriented workforce.


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